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This is important Information about your rental

By paying a deposit to secure a reservation, you accept, understand and agree to the following terms and conditions.
Once a reservation has been made, any item canceled from an invoice will result in a cancellation fee equal to the rental cost of the item canceled. It is the customer's responsibility to measure the yard to make sure the rental equipment will fit. There are no refunds when ordering equipment that will not fit in your yard.



Paid in Full: All deliveries must be paid in full before the date of delivery.

Rental Agreement: You will be emailed a rental agreement from a Doc-U-Sign company called Sertifi. All Rental Agreements must be signed the week before delivery. A photo ID is required to sign the rental agreement. If you have not received your rental agreement the week of your event, it will be your responsibility to contact our office.

There are no refunds for missed deliveries due to not signing the rental agreement or uploading an invalid form of ID.

No equipment will leave our warehouse without a signed agreement and paid in full.

Unless other arrangements have been made, tents, tables, and chairs are delivered the day before your event and picked up the day after your event. Inflatable equipment is delivered the day of your event starting at 7:00am up to 15 minutes before the start of your scheduled rental time. Before the time of delivery, please have any vehicles moved that may be blocking access to your backyard. Please have any dog feces that may be in your yard cleaned.

Pole Tents: Pole tents cannot be set up on driveways and must be set up on grass. Add ten to the dimension of your tent to get the area where stakes will be placed. Example: A 20’x20’ pole tent would need a 30’x30’ area for stakes.

Tables and Chairs: In order to offer you the best price on tables and chairs, we provide two different delivery options.
Delivery: The "delivery" option is the less expensive of the two options and is the equivalent to UPS dropping a package off in your driveway. The tables and chairs will be delivered and stacked at the truck’s tailgate. As far as the delivery truck is able to back up, is as far as the stack of tables and chairs will be placed. We would require the equipment to be stacked in the same way and place at the scheduled pick up time. Equipment not stacked in the same way and place at the scheduled pick up time will incur a $100/hr per crew member re-stacking fee.
Setup: The "setup" option is the easiest for the renter. You never have to move one piece of equipment. Just let us know how and where you would like your tables and chairs arranged, and we deliver and setup everything. When you are done, we tear everything down and stack it for you. You never have to touch one piece of equipment; however, there is an additional cost for setup.

Weather for Inflatables Here at Michigan party Rentals Inc. We do our best to accommodate all of our customers in times of unforeseen weather and/or emergency conditions. For this reason we do not cancel due to weather unless we feel it would present an unsafe environment to use the equipment. We cannot send out inflatable equipment in winds in excess of 15 mph and/or more than a 50% chance of rain. Inflatables are inflated with an electric blower and water is an excellent conductor of electricity. Safety is our main priority. If the weather forecast is not favorable by 5:00 pm the day before your event we will have to cancel or reschedule your reservation. Inflatables canceled due to inclement weather will receive a full refund. To cancel an inflatable reservation due to inclement weather, you must contact our office the day before your event. Inflatable deposits are only refundable due to inclement weather. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding our policies.

Important! Our rental tents were manufactured for use as a temporary structure. The structure should not be considered safe when severe weather is present or approaching or if a lightning storm is present. If severe weather is present or approaching, we recommend evacuating the structure, and that all occupants seek shelter in an appropriate location until the storm/severe weather and warning has passed. If at any time you or your guests feel unsafe inside the structure for any reason, they should leave the structure immediately.

Underground utilities and equipment: We are required to drive very long stakes into the ground to properly secure your tent. It is the customers responsibility to properly mark or have marked, the location of all underground utilities, sprinklers, septic fields/tanks or any other underground equipment. Michigan Party Rentals Inc., its employees, and contractors will not be held responsible for any damage caused to any underground utilities or previously mentioned equipment that has not been properly marked prior to installers arrival. We schedule tent installations very close together and cannot delay installs while lines are being marked. Please have this done at least a day before install.

Equipment damage or abuse: We do not hold our customers responsible for equipment failure from normal use and when our equipment has been used as instructed. However, the customer is responsible for any damage caused due to abuse or misuse of our equipment while in their possession. The customer is not permitted to set-up, move or repair the rental tent (s) or any item attached to it. The customer is not permitted to attach anything to the canopy (tent) by any means (tape, glue, rope etc.) If repair or replacement of our equipment is required due to misuse or abuse whether by customer or anyone present at their event, we will charge the customer’s credit card to either repair or replace our equipment as needed. If a credit card was not used to secure your reservation, we will still require the fees necessary for repair or replacement of the equipment in cash or charge within 7 days or your rental.

Equipment Cleaning: We expect that our tables and chairs are returned to us in the condition delivered. Although a small amount of dirt is expected, we do require our tables and chairs, at a minimum, be wiped down after the event, removing all food or foreign objects and that any spill be cleaned up as quickly as possible in order to help prevent staining. The customer will be charged a minimum $20.00 cleaning fee for dirty equipment that could have been prevented.

Removal of Silly String type substances: If silly string or a silly string type substance is permitted to come in contact with any part of the rental tent, chairs or side walls, a minimum $500.00 cleaning fee shall be automatically imposed by Michigan Party Rentals Inc. and shall be immediately due by the customer. If, in our opinion the damage is severe enough to render the unit un-rentable or permanently stained, the customer will be responsible for the complete replacement of the canopy, sidewall, chairs or any damaged piece’s that have staining. In addition, the customer will be responsible for any loss in revenue until the new or cleaned (when possible) canopy, sidewall(s), chair(s) or other damaged pieces arrive. Our reasoning for this section of the rental policy is because the chemicals in silly string or silly string like substances will often cause permanent staining of our canopies and side walls.

Tape or adhesives of any type: Under no circumstances is tape or any other adhesive substance permitted to be attached or stuck to the tent canopy (top) or poles at any time! If it is found that tape or any type of adhesive was attached or stuck to the canopy the customer will be automatically billed $250 to their credit card plus the cost of professional repair of any damage caused to the canopy by application or removal of such substances.


A deposit is required to secure a reservation. Rental cost is due upon pick up. The deposit is refunded when the equipment is returned in the same condition.

You will be liable for full payment in the event that any item and/or date as stated on your invoice is incorrect resulting in a missed pick up. The remaining balance, if any, in the form of cash or charge will be due upon pick up.


Please make sure you are available to pick up your equipment at the scheduled pick up time. You will be liable for full payment in the event that no one is able to pick up the equipment for your order.

The equipment eligible for customer pick up is NOT very heavy. For liability reasons, you will be responsible for carrying out, carrying in, loading, and unloading your vehicle. Please be sure to send someone to pick up the equipment who is able to do so.

LATE FEES: Any and all items returned after the "Rental Time Ends" will incur additional rental fees.

Additional Rental Fees: Lessee shall pay the lessor a 25% late fee for each item on the agreement per day for each day the equipment has not been returned in addition to each items daily rental price. Lessor shall invoice the client on a daily basis and all invoices are due upon receipt.


The purpose of a deposit is to hold equipment on our schedule for your event. All other potential customers requesting said equipment will be turned away. For that reason, deposits are not refundable.

All reservations require a deposit of $50 or half the cost of the rental, which ever number is greater. The remaining balance in the form of cash or charge will be due the day before delivery. We do not accept checks. Cancelations of inflatable equipment due to inclement weather will receive a full deposit refund. To cancel an inflatable reservation due to inclement weather, you must contact our office the day before your event. Inflatable deposits are only refundable due to inclement weather.


Deposits are not refundable for all non-inflatable rentals. Inflatable rental deposits are only refundable in the event of inclement weather.

The customer is responsible for notifying the office before 8PM on the date before the scheduled delivery date if they need to cancel an inflatable rental due to inclement weather. Once the equipment is delivered, the full amount is DUE regardless of total time used. All decisions to cancel inflatables due to weather need to be made before 8pm the day before your event to receive a deposit refund. We ask that the customer be informed of all weather conditions approaching by watching or listening to their local news.

All inflatable cancellations due to inclement weather must be called in the day before your event to receive your deposit refund.

No REFUND or CREDIT will be given for same day inflatable CANCELLATIONS after we arrive.